Yesterday we managed to get out 7 posts on the project site. All were quality posts, nothing spammy. Today I’ve been busy but have added a little snippet listing the post author and post category. Just need to get the formatting worked out. Colors aren’t showing from the right CSS class and I’m not CSS expert!

Yesterday I added a stock photo from iStockPhoto and it looks pretty good. Definitely obvious that it’s stock though. Picture was only $1. We’ve decided that the header section to the right of the photo should highlight some of our posts.

Today I hope to get about 4 posts total finished. One is done already.

Yesterday Andrew’s post received about 200 uniques from Stumbleupon. Don’t know what the real reason is except he has a pretty good size following at Stumbleupon. A few more of those posts and we’ll easily hit our goal of 2,000 uniques.

No earnings from Adsense yet, but I don’t really expect Stumbleupon visitors to click ads. No traffic from Google yet either.

Andrew and I both posted some comments on blogs yesterday with the name showing as “Brandon – Call Center Consultant”. Hopefully some of the dofollow blogs will show our comments and lead Google back to our site with decent anchor text.

I’ve been thinking about buying some links but haven’t decided yet. The site design and development cost about $100 total so I don’t want this project to put us too far into the hole if it doesn’t make any money.

That’s enough for today, back to writing!

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