So you want to know how to get Dugg to the front page of Digg right? Of course, who doesn’t. But just to let you know, the traffic is great, but apart from that, you might not realize the following things that I’ve learned in the last few days about Diggers (Digg users):

1. Diggers don’t click many ads. I know, everyone already knew this, but I know why they don’t click ads. Digg users don’t click ads because Diggers are title driven. Digg users read a title and want to find that information, and only that information.

In addition to that, they are contextually ad-blind. Unless your ads stand out, this crowd won’t click. And if they do stand out, make sure they aren’t obtrusive, Digg users don’t like annoying and obtrusive.

2. Diggers navigate throughout your whole site. Contrary to popular opinion, Diggers don’t just read your article and hit the back button. Every single page in my site was viewed by at least 10 people, that includes category pages and archives. Some pages were viewed over 600 times.

3. Diggers DO sign up for your RSS feed. I have only given this site it’s new SEO vision in the last two weeks. Before that is was just my personal stuff, and of course had 0 RSS subscribers. Last week the subscribers peaked at 32. Today they are at 236! Who knows what tomorrow will hold, maybe more, maybe less. We’ll find out soon.

4. Diggers have good memories. Before my Digg article, nobody knew my name or searched for my name. So far, in 3 days 73 people have searched for and found me by name. I don’t know if that is good or bad, but I can’t hide here any more!

5. Diggers leave nice comments. All but one of my comments seem to be positive. The only one that was borderline was someone named MASA who said, “So wait, if you know so much about SEO and Page Rank then why do you have a PR of 2?” Of course, if he would have read anything on this blog he would have know that as of two weeks ago, this blog was just personal and I didn’t care if anyone read or linked to it. PR 2 is pretty good without doing anything, right? 🙂

So I don’t think I can exploit this digg for any more posts. Here are my Digg related posts over the last few days:

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