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Are You Watering Your High Dollar Pages?

Many times you’ll have a website with 50 unique content pages, some decent top level domain links and maybe a few internal links.  All pages are decently interlinked and monetized.

Then out of nowhere a single page starts getting a ton of traffic because it starts ranking for a keyword.  When this happens you have two options.  Leave it alone and hope it keeps getting traffic, or work that page and try to increase traffic.

The pessimist in me tries to stick to the first option, just leave it.  It’s already making money, so leave it and move on.

The optimist in me sees that I’m not ranked #1 for the big money keywords, but I am ranked in the top 10 for decent keywords.

This usually looks like this:

Widgets – Ranked #20

Blue widgets – Ranked #4

So instead of just being content with your #4 ranking for that decent keyword, do you go after that big dollar keyword?

For me it really depends on how much money that #4 ranking is making.  If it is making enough for me to just leave it alone, I do that.  If it is less than $30 a day, I will usually try to either focus on moving that keyword to the #1 spot, or working on that high dollar keyword.

Tomorrow I’ll give you a few hints on how to move your keywords from top 20 to top 10 rankings!

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Free Niche Idea #6 – Copper Sinks

It has been a long time since I’ve given you a free niche idea for a website. This one is a good one. There are a million supplemental terms and related phrases that you can capitalize on.

There are plenty of advertisers for the term “copper sinks”, and you won’t run out of potential links to buy. Most of the top SERPS are dominated by companies who have had websites for a long time, but have very little on page optimization, or incoming links.

A picture gallery would go a long ways towards getting you links from related pages and a blog detailing new fashions and trendy sinks would be perfect, even if they’re not copper sinks.

Here are the stats for “copper sinks”:

Keywords: Copper Sinks
Competition: 620,000
Price per click: Adwords: $7.12/click
Search Volume: 820/month (I always double KD stats)

Even though the search volume for your targeted phrase is low, you can still make good money with a very high CPC and a lot of secondary terms such as:

Double copper sinks, Mexican copper sinks, new copper sinks, copper kitchen sinks, copper sinks for bars, and more.

Give this one a try and let me know what your domain name is and I’ll give you your first link right here for free!

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Who Do You Write For?

Writing 3 Years Ago…

When I first started to make money online a few years ago, I wrote solely for search engines.  My pages were stuff with keywords and variations of those keywords.  I could write 10 pages of content in an hour and it was perfect search engine food.

Now my writing still has changed, and I’m still making money online with my writing.  I’ve discussed different ways that writing can make you money online such as with Associated Content.  If you’re writing for something like Associated Content, obviously your writing needs to be better than if you’re just writing for a niche site.

Writing Today…

What do you do when your website is for search engines and people?  3 years ago I would have told you to forget the people and write for the search engines.  Today that is different.  While I still get a lot of traffic from search engines, my biggest winners have been socially focused site.  That is, sites that people want to tell their friends about.

When focusing on writing great content, you will always capture the reader, and if you still use a keyword occasionally, you’ll be able to target search engines as well.  Keep in mind, people don’t want to read a keyword stuffed article so make sure they writing is good, and focus on your visitors.

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Where To Buy Clean Links

Buying links has long been debated, especially when Google slapped so many blogs in the last year. Personally I haven’t had many issues with Google, but many people had. With that disclaimer, be careful where you buy your links. Most places that sell links have a “footprint”, or an easy way to track which websites are selling links. For example of a footprint, search for “powered by WordPress” in Google. It’s an easy way to find a lot of blogs that are running WordPress. That’s just a simple footprint, but there is a footprint to just about everything.

One place that I’ve found that sells quality links and doesn’t leave a trail is LinkWorth. If you haven’t bought many links then this won’t matter to you, but if you’re in the game to make money, links are vitally important. LinkWorth has some really big blogs on their network for driving traffic, then they have a lot of 2nd and 3rd tier blogs that are great for just snagging a link.

Personally, I like to get one link and go. I think a single link on one domain is just as beneficial as a site-wide link, and possibly even better. Depending on the quality of where the link is posted, you can see beneficial traffic from links that you’ve earned naturally or purchased.

Either way, LinkWorth doesn’t seem to leave any footprints which means it is nearly impossible to find out if the links are natural or paid.

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