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Buy Pinterest Followers

If you have been under a rock for the last few months, there is a hot new site called Pinterest.  Pinterest works primarily with images and gives you the ability to pin (save) your favorite items, create boards (groups of your favorite items), and like (save other people’s items) images.  Pinterest also allows you to follow your friends and people with similar interests as well as be followed by people that like your Pins.  Since there is obviously money to be made by creative marketers, and traffic to be had, I’ve started a service that will allow you to buy Pinterest followers.  As far as I know there are not any other services that allow you to buy follows on Pinterest, but there will be hundreds by the end of the year.

I will have real people follow you.  They will already have a real account, I do not need to log into your account or anything like that, all I need to know is your Pinterest username (send me the link).


Choose your followers

After payment, please email me a link to your Pinterest account, and I’ll deliver all of the followers you order. Turn around time is about 2-3 days max.

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  2. Jonny Debt says:

    Interesting idea Brandon, if you can do it on Twitter and Facebook why not Pinterest. I love that site, it’s my favourite pick over the past 12 months in terms of a new source of traffic. Thanks for offering this service, got to be honest at the moment it’s a bit expensive for me BUT i can totally see the value of it as an additional channel of traffic generation, especially as Pinterest followers seem to engage more with the website than other social media websites.

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