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SEO and SEM Online Degrees

I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but SEO degrees have been flooding the market. Unfortunately for the people attending these seo classes whether online or offline, they’re not learning nearly as much as they can through blogs and forums, and they’re paying too much money to get a piece of paper that anyone hiring should laugh at.

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Great Outsourcing Post

I outsource a variety of my daily tasks, simple and complex stuff. I tend to outsource the tedious (writing) and the stuff I’m not great at (PSD to PHP/HTML conversion). If you’ve never outsourced, take a look at this guest post at It can change the way you do business.

Typically I find my workers/employees through forums like DigitalPoint, but the Craigslist Philippines is a great idea, one that I had never thought of. Give it a go and let me know how outsourcing works for you.

By the way, I’m always looking for talented people, send me a message if you’re one of them!

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Earn Money Online Vs. Make Money Online

There is a lot of talk about people who try to “make money online”. Those keywords in particular. The funniest thing to me is that the great majority of people who are writing about making money, don’t actually make any money online. They just think that the making money niche is profitable, which I assure you it isn’t. Of course, there are superstars who post pictures about their earnings and detail how much they made with their make money online blog, but 99% of the blogs in this niche find out the money isn’t there.

So with that said I’m going to be shifting my focus away from “making money” to “earning money”. I still do everything the same, but with a focus on what kind of work you need to put in to get the desired results.

Earning money though web based ventures isn’t for everyone. I have a family member who told me that he had extra time and wanted to try to turn that time into money with the internet. I spent hours with him explaining what he needed to do, we bought a domain, got hosting set up, installed WordPress and wrote him a sample post. I detailed everything he would need to do over the next month in order to make it a successful month.

At the end of the month I went back to his site and guess how many posts he had…1, and it was the post I made for him.

I called him and asked what the problem was and he said, “I don’t think this is for me, it’s a lot more work than I thought it would be.”

Therein lies the truth. Making money online is not easy, but earning money online is possible. You’re not going to get rich overnight. That PPC campaign will not take off, your website will never rank number for for “laptops” and you will never be paid $50,000 to speak at a conference. However, you can make a very good earning online.

You’ll need to be prepared to work hard for little return in the beginning and trust that one day down the line it will pay off. That’s what I’ve been doing since 2004 and I can tell you that it has truly paid off!

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Any Job Affiliate Programs Out There?

Anyone know of any good job affiliate programs available currently?  How about Affiliate Program Managers looking to generate some leads to their job site?

I can send about 3-5,000 leads per month and expect to be paid $1-$1.50 per lead depending on volume.

CareerBuilder is trying to screw me out of $2,000 so I need to replace them.  If you know of any companies that offer an attractive affiliate program, please let me know!

One other thing, does have an affiliate program?

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