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Lease Color Copiers – Free Niche Idea #3

Here is another really good small niche idea. Copiers have been around for the last 20 years. Leasing copiers has been around too. With technology making great gains in the color copier markets, more people are looking into leasing color copiers. The benefits are cost of ownership and cost of maintenance. Most of the time when you lease a color copier, the copier will have a maintenance agreement that covers repairs (sometimes even toner).

This niche website idea could be run from a current website devoted to office supplies, copiers, printers, or other office-type websites. If you don’t have a website about a business office, register a new domain.

Keywords: Lease Color Copiers
Competition: 250 to 955 (extrememly low)
Price per click: Adwords: $17.70
Search Volume: Overture: less than 200/month

Some other great keywords are “off lease copier”, “0ff-lease copiers”, “color copier lease”, “color copiers for lease”, etc.

I don’t know of any companies that have affiliate programs that allow you to lease copiers, but there are plenty of Adsense advertisers that are sure to be there for a long time. You probably won’t get many .edu links, but you could get a few .gov links. A few good articles would gather a lot of links. Try writing an articles titled, “Should You Buy or Lease a Color Copier?” and “Leasing Color Copiers Can Save $3,000 Per Year!”

Get out there and buy and start building this niche website!

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Rent Audio Books – Free Niche Idea #2

Download John Grisham Innocent ManThis free niche idea is a definite money maker. The main reason I believe that is because the competiton is downright weak. This site, full of only affiliate links about the keywords, “rent audio books” and “rent books on tape” is ranked #5!

As I said before, I would register a new domain (always use a domain, don’t use a free blog from blogger), and that should be your only cost unless you buy some links. Shouldn’t be too necessary though.

Keywords: Rent Audio Books and/or Rent Books on Tape
Competition: 29,500 and 3,250 (very low)
Price per click: Adwords: $3.50+
Search Volume: Overture: about 200/month

The search volume on this keyword set is very low currently, but it matches the competition. Low competition should mean low search volume. However, this one is set to rise sharply and quickly.

The audio book industry is going to be experiencing a major surge in the coming years. iPod’s and other mp3 players are getting very popular and everyone can afford one (less than $50) so buying one to just listen to books is completely understandable.

Playaway DigitalCompanies like Playaway are set to take the market by storm.  The school I work at has bought 3 of them and is looking to buy 10 a month over the next year.  Multiply that by many schools in many districts. You’ll have many parents, teachers and librarians searching for the ability to rent audio books. This doesn’t include the people who commute an hour one way that want to rent books on tape and be able to listen all the way to work.

For a great list of companies that have affiliate programs look at the site above and find out where most of their affiliates are coming from…most look like links to me. The site listed above is a PR 2 and was registered in August of 2004. You’ll have a hard time overcoming that age, but with a huge lack of links, they are setting themselves up for being overtaken.

You should be able to, with a very informative site, become the expert in this area and get a lot of .edu and a few .gov sites to link to you. This will help you become even more established as the expert. I would write some articles, submit them, then cite on your page that you have articles written on a variety of topics.

Hopefully that idea helps you make some money, get out there and start writing great content about renting audio books online and renting books on tape! Let me know how your site does, and what your domain name is and I’ll give you a free link on this page! (It is already themed around your keywords!)

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Free Niche Website Idea #1

Alright, here is my first free niche website idea. Here is what you’ll need in order to maximize this opportunity.

Some writing skills

You’ll need to create unique content by writing interesting articles.

Web host
You’ll want to put this idea on your own host so you can buy a new domain for this idea.

You’ll want to buy a domain (I use If you use NameCheap, use the coupon code feblove to get the domain for $7.95.

Keywords: Used Copy Machines
Competition: only 16,400!
Price per click: Adwords: $5.00+
Search Volume: Overture: 441/month

    The search volume is a little low on “Used Copy Machines”, but so is the competition. The cost per click is excellent and should turn into approximately $.50-70 per click through Adsense (my guess)

    There are also plenty of used copiers on eBay, so if you can build up some traffic you can also apply to Commission Junction ( still does eBay right?) and use their affiliate program to send some traffic to eBay.

    In the beginning I would advertise 100% with Adsense then try eBay to see if the cost per click is paying out for this niche. This might even be an opportunity to do some keyword arbitrage. If you’ve never done arbitrage or don’t know what it is, don’t worry, I’ll explain in a later post.

    That’s it for now, get out there and buy because I just gave you your first link!

    In a future post I’ll talk more about how to make this site easy for search engines to find, and also tell you how I improved my click through rate (CTR) from 2% to over 25% on ALL of my sites, just by moving my ad code a little!

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