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Win an iPod Shuffle just for linking!

Want to win an iPod shuffle from me? All you have to do is link to this blog and link to my sponsor. You must link to this post and any post from the sponsor you would like.The winner will be selected randomly August 1st, 2007. Watch the video above for more information. The sponsor is Here are a few linking examples.

I just found out that Brandon Hopkins is having a contest for an iPod shuffle. All you have to do is link to him and link to this site about free business cards and you’re entered. So now I’m entered.

Brandon Hopkins is giving away an iPod shuffle on August 1st. To enter just link to his post and to the sponsor site about free business cards and you can win.

If you want to win a free iPod shuffle, just link to this site and this site about business cards and you’re automatically entered.

The winner will be randomly chosen based on trackbacks to this post. If you enter the contest and your trackback doesn’t show up within a day or two, email me with your post url and that will enter you as well.

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Jim Boykin says, “Brandon Hopkins is cool!”

As I said yesterday, “Technorati thinks I’m cool”. Today it’s Jim Boykin’s turn. He thinks this blog is so cool that he is offering me a free We Build Pages wall clock!

Jim, thanks for the wonderful opportunity to get a wall clock. Jim Boykin says, “Brandon Hopkins is cool!”I don’t really need another wall clock, but I would like some free ($720 or so) advertising for a certain problematic website I have. It won’t rank for crap and I can’t seem to get the stupid thing linkbaited. 🙂

So here is my official entry to the Jim Boykin $720 in free ads contest. Since you’re going to choose based on who knows what, I think that I should win because I have a new (28 day old) baby that needs a new pair of shoes! (No, she doesn’t really wear shoes yet, but I’ll invest the earnings and buy her two pairs when she’s 5 years old.

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Contest: How Would You Spend $100 – Win $150

It’s contest time!

Let’s imagine for a moment that you aren’t a millionaire and you only had $100 to spend on SEM (search engine marketing).

What would you do? How would you spend that $100?

All you have to do is send me an email with the best way to spend $100 marketing your website. The website could be new or old, but you can’t spend over $100 exactly on your marketing.

You could have articles written, buy PPC ads, buy a site review, whatever. Make sure you give me some details because I might be using your idea in a future post.

If you are the winner, you will get your choice of spending $150 on this site. $150 will get you the following:

Complete Site Review (1 review)

Contextual links (2 links in either one or two posts, your choice)

Sponsored Posts (3 total sponsored posts)

So all you have to do is send me an email with your best marketing idea under $100!

If you win I’ll contact you to get some info on claiming your winnings.

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