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Free Niche Idea #6 – Copper Sinks

It has been a long time since I’ve given you a free niche idea for a website. This one is a good one. There are a million supplemental terms and related phrases that you can capitalize on.

There are plenty of advertisers for the term “copper sinks”, and you won’t run out of potential links to buy. Most of the top SERPS are dominated by companies who have had websites for a long time, but have very little on page optimization, or incoming links.

A picture gallery would go a long ways towards getting you links from related pages and a blog detailing new fashions and trendy sinks would be perfect, even if they’re not copper sinks.

Here are the stats for “copper sinks”:

Keywords: Copper Sinks
Competition: 620,000
Price per click: Adwords: $7.12/click
Search Volume: 820/month (I always double KD stats)

Even though the search volume for your targeted phrase is low, you can still make good money with a very high CPC and a lot of secondary terms such as:

Double copper sinks, Mexican copper sinks, new copper sinks, copper kitchen sinks, copper sinks for bars, and more.

Give this one a try and let me know what your domain name is and I’ll give you your first link right here for free!

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Free Niche Idea #5 – Acrylic Aquarium

Acrylic Aquarium PictureAlthough the world of pets and pet products is dominated by a few big companies including PetCo and Drs. Foster and Smith, you can still find a niche and fill it well. One of those niches is acrylic aquariums. Acrylic is a substitute for glass in aquarium building. It scratches easier than glass, but doesn’t break or leak as easily. Most very large (250 gallon +) tanks are built using acrylic instead of glass because acrylic and take a higher pressure without flexing (bowing) and breaking. These reason make acrylic aquariums ideal for people buying a large tank without budgetary concerns. Acrylic can be built from 1/4″ thick to over 1″ thick depending on the needs. Glass aquariums built that think get VERY heavy, quickly.

This niche has a lot of long tail keywords including company brands, new, used, painting, removing scratches, etc. I would imagine a great site for acrylic aquariums would have a lot of pictures of different types of acrylic aquariums because people want to see sizes, shapes, dimensions, and they want to see if they can tell the difference between glass. Since acrylic and aquarium are both easily misspelled words, you want to include common misspellings like aqrilyc, acrylick, acuarium, and akuarium.

Here are the stats for “acrylic aquarium”:

Keywords: Acrylic Aquarium
Competition: 1,170,000
Price per click: Adwords: $1.17/click
Search Volume: Overture: 3,132/month

While the CPC is low, the long tail keywords make this a great build it and forget it site. It may never make you rich, but it can be a steady $20/day site with decent traffic.

Here is a list of over 200 acrylic aquarium keywords.

UPDATE: Looks like one reader, Paul has the right idea, check out his niche site about acrylic aquariums.

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Another Way to Find a Niche

Boy have I been busy. A week of training for me, two weeks of training others. Two servers that need to be setup and configured after that, and it won’t stop for another month or so.

Don’t forget about my contest. It ends August 1st, and anyone can win by just linking and submitting a trackback.

Ok, on to niche finding. Another great and easy way to find a niche, and sometimes a profitable micro-niche is with eBay Pulse. eBay PulseeBay Pulse is a section of eBay that shows what people are searching for on a daily basis. The great thing about Pulse is that you can narrow down your search into specific industries. Personally I don’t want a website about a Wii, iPhone, or Xbox 360, and those are the top 3 searches across eBay.

Here is what I found by navigating to a smaller category:

eBay Pulse > Business & Industrial > Office, Printing & Shipping > Trade Show Displays

One of the searches listed in this section was “abex”. I had no idea what “abex” was so I Googled it. Abex is a trade show display creation company, and they have some very expensive setups.

So their keywords would be “trade show displays”. That is a pretty small niche, but you are targeting people with money.

Full trade show displayThey top related keyphrase is “pop up displays” and the CPC is $55.11. Crazy.

Here are some more related keywords, but don’t just take these, go check out Pulse and dig down to find your own niche!

pop up trade show display
pop up display
pop up exhibits
pop up booths
trade show exhibits
display booths
show displays
portable trade show display
popup displays
exhibition displays
trade show booths
trade show display
tradeshow displays
trade show exhibit
tabletop displays
trade show booth
retractable banner stands
trade show display rental
show display
display booth
trade show booth design
banner stands
custom trade show display
portable trade show exhibits
retractable banner stand
trade show booth graphics
exhibit booths

Download the full keyword list with 117 key phrases.

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Free Niche Idea #4 – Network Monitoring Tool

Monitoring a network has never been easier than it is today, primarily because of the creation of more and more tools. These tools allow network administrators to optimize LANs and WANs, fix issues, detect problems, etc. Now, these tools can make you some money.

This small niche has a high payout and a lot of long-tail keywords. If you like writing reviews, this is the niche for you. Many of the keywords are product focused but could still be written without a review format. Since this is a technological field, you also have a chance of hitting it big and getting on the Digg front page.

Here are the vitals for “Network Monitoring Tool”

Keywords: Network Monitoring Tool
Competition: 293,000
Price per click: Adwords: $10.69
Search Volume: Overture: 704/month

A few of the long tail keywords could be network management tool, network security tool, network diagnostic tool, network marketing tool, network monitor tool, admin network security system tool.

I don’t know of any affiliate programs for companies that sell network monitoring tools, so Adsense will be your top earner right now. You may find an affiliate, and you will probably be one of the only affiliates in the area.

I would suggest that this niche website be created apart from any other site and not as a subdomain. It is pretty specific and would benefit from it’s own branding. Network administrators will hopefully bookmark your site and pass it around to other network and IT administrators.

Let me know what domains you buy and I’ll give you your first link here in this thread!

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