As usual, I commit to posting regularly to this blog then I let things slide. It’s in my nature to start a new project then drop that project for something more interesting. Currently it has been some stupid tower defense Shoemoney posted about (stupid because it’s been wasting my time like crazy), Starcraft (the OG of games), and a client website.

I was reading a post Michael Gray wrote about client work and blogging. It’s true, clients don’t want to see you posting new posts to your blog when their deadline is up. That post reminded me about making money online.

There are two distinct methods to making money online. Work for yourself or work for others. Currently I do both. Currently I do a LOT of work for myself and a little work for others. Most of my work for others is website design for my company AfterHim Media.

However, as I said I tend to get distracted from a project very quickly. With that fact in mind, I’m going to try something new this month. I’m going to stay focused on ONE project for the entire month.

I don’t know if it is possible for me to stay that mentally focused and not sway, but we’ll give it a go. My monthly goal is going to be $5k a month. That could come from someone wanting to hire me full time for one month (I do social media marketing, design, and other SEO/SEM related marketing) or whether that is me writing for this blog or one of my many niche sites.

I am still in the process of deciding on what project I will take on for next month but it will be a personal project because I don’t have any business projects lined up right now. Currently I’m thinking about trying to linkbait my business cards website or try to get this blog to make some cash.

This blog is pretty easy to monetize because of the traffic that it gets. The business card website is more difficult because linkbaiting for “business cards” isn’t easy. Here you can see my first attempt. I realize that I’m late with the HD-DVD jokes, but sometimes I’m a little slow on the funny bandwagon. Look for a Paris Hilton business card soon. That will be just in time for her taking over Martha Stewart’s jail cell.

So what do you think, should I work on this blog or my business card site in June? Or do you want to hire me instead?