I have been thinking about this idea for some time now. The following are some of my thoughts, hopefully they’ll make sense and inspire you to create a review site within WordPress. The whole reason this is even possible is because of the WordPress plugin that Dan Grossman created. Thanks Dan!

Dan’s plugin is still being updated, and can be seen at this webhost review site. Ok, on to my idea.

First, you would want to research a market that would benefit from a review site. Here are a few that come to mind:

eBook reviews (There are thousands of eBooks available.)
Online forum reviews (This could be webmaster, or all forums.)
Scrapbook supply company reviews (Scrapbooking is a huge industry.)
Affiliate company reviews (Affiliate companies usually offer you the ability to refer new affiliates.)
Online bank account reviews (This might be hard to monetize, but the financial sector is very large. You could promote stock buying, financial advice, etc.)

I don’t know which of those would work well, but you could give them a shot. Download WordPress, download Dan’s plugin, and get started!