I don’t normally tell you about ideas that I don’t do myself, but I do see a huge opportunity for the right graphic and vector art designers. There are a handful of great companies that play the middle man in finding buyers for photography and vector creations.

My favorite is iStockPhoto.com. I’ve been buying stock photography for over 4 years from iStockPhoto and am a huge fan.

In the last year there has been a shift from traditional photography towards vector art. Take a look at this search for “trees”. Out of the 32 pictures for sale on the first page, 15 of them are vector. That’s almost 50% of the top pictures of trees are not real trees, they’re digital art.

If you are talented, browse the popular files, or just do a search like I did and you’ll find people selling stuff that you can make at home that will earn you money. Each time you sell something, iStockPhoto.com will pay you a royalty on that picture or graphic. The more you sell, the more you earn. The more you design, the more you sell. Design one or two each day and you’ll be earning a lot of money online in no time!