In the early 2000’s, a link was a link. Plain and simple, more links, better rankings. But that was 7 years ago. Today, Googlebot is smarter and can learn to hate you. So how can you fix that? Get 1 link per domain and get out of there.

Here is what I mean:

Find a blog you like, leave a comment, find another blog you like.


Find a site that is relevant, email the webmaster, asking for a link on a certain page, buy a permanent link, and don’t buy any more links from that seller.

With this strategy, you’re protecting your site from Google’s backlash, it is also harder to detect these links because they are in-content, topical, relevant to your industry, in fact almost impossible to detect by a bot.

It is hard to link to these types of pages because they are hard to find. You can look in the comments of most SEO blogs because people usually are looking for links so they hit and run the blog.

There are about 15 blogs that I like enough and find valuable enough to comment on regularly. These blogs I don’t hit and run, but most others I do.

Get a link and go!