In our ever evolving quest at getting links, people have come to appreciate that the .edu (Education) link is one of the greatest prizes, the holy grail of links. This is not because of some special power that a .edu TLD gives you, but because they are difficult to find, and even harder to acquire.

Because of their illusiveness, they have a huge trust factor and can become the authority on almost anything easily.

Here are a few reasons why .edu links are hard to come by:

They usually can’t be purchased.

You can’t beg for them.

You’re not a web designer for a college.

You don’t know any IT directors.

With that in mind, how much would you actually pay for a .edu link?

Tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. PST I’m going to give you a post that will show you how you can get a free .edu back link in under 1 minute.

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