I was just tagged by Eve and thought I would respond about how I define success and how I approach that goal.

I realize that my view of success isn’t the same as most of you reading this, but maybe it will put it into perspective a little better once you read my post.

For me, success isn’t about money, cars, fame, etc. For me, success comes when I am 60 years old and look back on my life and see the joy that I had, and that I passed on to my children. To see them growing and knowing the full diety of Christ and recognizing his authority in their life as a good thing. That is how I define success.

In order for me to achieve that goal I look at a few different things.

1. Money

As you know, money make the world go ’round. Without it, I have to keep working 40/hrs a week. So in terms of money, my goal is 1 million dollars. With $1 mil. I can “retire” and spend more time at home with my family doing what I love to do instead of what I am required to do.

2. Focus

I tend to really get focused on one thing and when that happens everything else falls by the wayside. I am trying to stay focused on what is really important to me, my relationship with Jesus Christ and my family, even while I am doing everything I can to earn money online.

3. Motivation

I have never been easily motivated. All during school my teachers said, “He doesn’t apply himself,” which is unfortunately very true. In that light I have been trying to stay as motivated as possible without getting over extended. Taking on too many projects is on of my downfalls because as I take on a new project, my motivation to complete the previous projects drops to nothin’.

4. Perspective

For me, keeping the above three items in perspective is what makes me successful, and in turn defines success for me. Putting God first, my family second, and everything else third. That is true success.

What you’ll find with true success is that it brings true joy and happiness. If your “success” makes you want more and more, then you haven’t yet found real and lasting success.

I’ll be tagging Andrew to follow up with his views of success and how he defines and achieves success.