First came Sony with their ridiculous proprietary Memory Stick. Now JVC is using the .MOD format for their HDD movie cameras. I have the JCV Everio GZ-MG130U. I like the camera but using the files is HORRIBLE. First they tell me that I have to buy some $20 MPEG-2 thing from Apple.

I don’t want to spend $20 to convert movie files into something usable so I’m searching high and low to find something. I bought found QuickTime Pro, but that isn’t helping.

UPDATE: Here is a quick how to convert your .mod files to just about any format for FREE!

1. Download ffmpegX (download).

2. Download necessary files. ffmpegX will prompt you and give you the links to the necessary files. I won’t link directly to the downloads incase they change.

3. Put Files (3 total) into a folder.

4. Select location of the files in the ffmpegX window.

5. Drop .MOD into ffmpegX.

6. Select desired format. Usually .MOV or .MP4.

7. Click “Encode”.

8. New file will be where the original file was.

That’s it! Like screenshots? Check out my 1334 Comic Life skillz.

Convert MOD to MP4 or MOV