Making money online takes 2 things:

1. Traffic
This is the visitors, users, email addresses, or whatever/whoever you are marketing too. For me, this is generally website visitors. I’ve never had an email marketing list, never spammed anyone, and never been able to convert traffic to signups in an email list.

2. Way to monetize traffic
For me this is mainly Adsense and What you need to do is offer your traffic something of interest or value to them so they are inclined to click or buy whatever you are promoting (monetization).

It sounds extremely simple, but it isn’t. It is truly some hard work. Once you have written 50+ pages of niche specific content, all 400-500 words long, and not seen a dime come from it, you’ll realize that it isn’t easy. But it is rewarding, personally and financially.

From a business standpoint you would expect #2 to be more difficult, but that is the easy part. Finding somewhere to send your traffic is easy, there are affiliate programs, contextual programs and some kind of program for just about every niche.

The difficult part is finding the traffic. Traffic also comes in two groups, good and useles. Good traffic is traffic that comes from search engines or links that relate specifically to what you are selling (or contextually advertising). Useless traffic is traffic that comes from Digg, linkbait, and spam. This traffic doesn’t click ads and they don’t buy anything. Linkbait however can be a great way to build links, which will, increase the search engine traffic in the future. The linkbait itself however won’t make you much (if any) money.

What this blog will be focusing on is the good type of traffic, how to get it, and what to do with it once you have it. Basically, what I’ve been doing over the last two years. I’ll tell you what has worked, what hasn’t and what I haven’t tried. I’ll even give you examples of my good and bad sites, which make money and which don’t.

So bookmark this site, subscribe to the RSS feed, or whatever it takes to get back here for every new post!