This is part 4 of 34 in Poker and Making Money Online, a 34 Part Series.

Act weak when strong, act strong when weak. Know when to bluff.

Poker Bluff

Selling a website for top dollar is similar to bluffing in poker and here’s why. You want to sell your website for the most your buyer will pay, your buyer wants to buy your website for the lowest amount possible. Good old negotiation.

In order to sell your website for top dollar and get the most money out of your buyer, you need to really sell the features and benefits. In poker, when you’re bluffing, you want to do the same thing. You want the other people at the table to know everything about your cards, that is, you want them to think that you have something worth folding to.

So in order to win this melee and come out with the most money, you need to show the buyer why he should pay top dollar. This includes listing all of your stats, income, and generally unspoken benefits such as:

1. RSS subscribers
2. Newsletter members that are opt-in (or double opt-in)
3. Type in traffic
4. Organic search engine results
5. Current backlinks on popular sites
6. Unpublished content
7. Ideas for future development
8. Domain age
9. Popular content
10. Accounts (Twitter, Technorati, Blogspot, etc)
11. Multiple revenue streams
12. Relationships with others in the same industry
13. Affiliate company contacts

Explaining these benefits to your buyer is like going all in. You are telling your buyer that you have the nuts. If your site lacks value, by showing more quantity of features, you’re bluffing. Sometimes it works and sometimes you bust out!