Here is my dilemma, I have about 100 active websites. Most are small niche websites, about 85 of them have full sites, the other 15 or so are just domains right now.

13 of them are blogs.

1 is a forum.

71 are static html/php.

So what do I do? I can’t regularly update 13 blogs and could never update 71 static html sites with any kind of regularity. Here are how I see my options and the pros and cons of each choice:

1. Sell most of the sites and refocus on a small group of 2-5.

Pros: If I sell the sites, I won’t stress about trying to update them all of the time. I know if I try to update them all, I’ll fail. Selling would get that monkey off my back. With 2-5 sites, I could definitely write 2-4 posts for each site, every day.

Cons: Some of the sites are valuable as they stand, but most of them are just great targeted domains with huge potential in the future. Most of the domains are 2 years old max, some are really young. Selling now would negate all the time and energy I’ve put in so far.

2. Never update them.

Pros: I’m already doing this. No extra work. I could start this option immediately.

Cons: Won’t make me feel any better about letting the sites stagnate. I’ll still feel inclined to update them semi-regularly (monthly) which won’t help with anything, but makes me feel slightly better.

3. Hire 20 writers to write for all of the sites.

Pros: Sites will be updated.

Cons: Huge initial cost (investment) that I don’t know if I can justify. If I only pay to update 50 of the sites regularly (1 post per day) cost will become prohibitive. 50 sites X $5 per article X 30 days/month = $7500 per month! Not to mention all of the administrative work involved with running such a huge network. Also, paying $5 per article I’ll have a lot of turnover, if I pay more per post it will definitely get too expensive. I don’t know how much income I’ll be able to generate per site, and in the beginning I definitely won’t be breaking even. Most networks with 50 sites have at least a few people on the payroll included graphic designers and coders. I don’t know if I could handle it all.

What else can I do? I need either some votes for my current ideas, or some ideas I haven’t thought of. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.