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Jim Boykin says, “Brandon Hopkins is cool!”

As I said yesterday, “Technorati thinks I’m cool”. Today it’s Jim Boykin’s turn. He thinks this blog is so cool that he is offering me a free We Build Pages wall clock!

Jim, thanks for the wonderful opportunity to get a wall clock. Jim Boykin says, “Brandon Hopkins is cool!”I don’t really need another wall clock, but I would like some free ($720 or so) advertising for a certain problematic website I have. It won’t rank for crap and I can’t seem to get the stupid thing linkbaited. :)

So here is my official entry to the Jim Boykin $720 in free ads contest. Since you’re going to choose based on who knows what, I think that I should win because I have a new (28 day old) baby that needs a new pair of shoes! (No, she doesn’t really wear shoes yet, but I’ll invest the earnings and buy her two pairs when she’s 5 years old.

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  1. jim boykin says:

    hehe…crazy cool

  2. Brandon says:

    Jim, by “crazy cool” can I assume you are really say, “you win the contest”?

  3. I certainly hope not! :)

  4. Nia says:

    … has no idea that I created these sweet (as candy) business cards whichare available to him at no charge.

    The copy idea is good, Brandon.

    Here are some things you might try:
    (1) add the word “which”
    (2) bold the link “as candy” OR drop it altogether.
    (2) Get rid of the AdSense.
    (3) Lead with a much larger picture of the business card (closer to 450 pixels than to 250 pixels)
    (4) Try a playful/charismatic font, like Georgia. Serifs have more fun
    (5)Increase the font size–although I’m not suggesting you go overboard as I do on two of my sites (mine isn’t tested yet, I’m still working on content!)
    (6) If you’re not wedded to the theme put it in Cutline or something with more chutzbah or at least with a bit more intensity

    What have you got to lose? I mean those “29 readers” aren’t digg-ing it so the digg-ers will be actually viewing the post ON the site.

    You want people to “digg” right? Okay, then THAT is the call to action. The adsense, the candy all those categories…too many distractions…

    All that humbly offered from me, your student, everybody’s student. Heck I’m still working on content, like I said! I started Feb 2007 what do I really know about this stuff anyway. So just take it with a grain of salt, good salt like Maldon, Celtic, Himalayan. Who needs distractions? ;)

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  6. a says:

    do you have a new blog elsewhere?

  7. Brandon says:

    Hey TB, I don’t really have another blog that would be of interest to the readers of this blog. I’m really just focusing no profitable work (which this site isn’t). I’ll still drop by when I feel I have something worthwhile to give. Until then, no reason to waste my time and yours with something contrived :)

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