Here is another really good small niche idea. Copiers have been around for the last 20 years. Leasing copiers has been around too. With technology making great gains in the color copier markets, more people are looking into leasing color copiers. The benefits are cost of ownership and cost of maintenance. Most of the time when you lease a color copier, the copier will have a maintenance agreement that covers repairs (sometimes even toner).

This niche website idea could be run from a current website devoted to office supplies, copiers, printers, or other office-type websites. If you don’t have a website about a business office, register a new domain.

Keywords: Lease Color Copiers
Competition: 250 to 955 (extrememly low)
Price per click: Adwords: $17.70
Search Volume: Overture: less than 200/month

Some other great keywords are “off lease copier”, “0ff-lease copiers”, “color copier lease”, “color copiers for lease”, etc.

I don’t know of any companies that have affiliate programs that allow you to lease copiers, but there are plenty of Adsense advertisers that are sure to be there for a long time. You probably won’t get many .edu links, but you could get a few .gov links. A few good articles would gather a lot of links. Try writing an articles titled, “Should You Buy or Lease a Color Copier?” and “Leasing Color Copiers Can Save $3,000 Per Year!”

Get out there and buy and start building this niche website!