As a Mac-using webmaster, I always have co-workers and friends asking what programs I use.

So here they are:


Adobe Photoshop CS2 – I can create anything that I need to and love using tutorials to learn more.

Adobe Illustrator CS2 – I don’t know much of anything about Illustrator except that I should be using it for logo’s since it is vector based. I can however follow a tutorial. 🙂


Smultron (Text editor) – I tried a few of the paid text editing programs, and they didn’t do anything more than Smultron (for the stuff that I do). So I stuck with Smultron. It is very lightweight and easy to use.

Dreamweaver 8 – Don’t really know much about Dreamweaver, I’ve never used any tools like it before, and don’t know if it really has a place in my life with all of the free templates available, and the ability of my developers to turn a PSD (Photoshop) into CSS/XHTML (or WordPress) in just a few days.

Adobe GoLive – As with Dreamweaver 8 I don’t really know much about GoLive except that the default code is heavy.


Cyberduck – Cyberduck is without a doubt the best FTP program I’ve used. At first I didn’t like the layout and wanted something with side-by-side windows like I was used to on my PC. After using a few of the side-by-side programs with limited success, I tried Cyberduck. I stuck with it because it actually worked, when all of the others crashed. Now I like the fluid interface and it’s ability to interact with Mac OS X instead of residing on top of it.


Firefox – Crashes all the time, can’t seem to avoid the spinning beach (pizza, colored) ball (wheel, circle).

Entourage/Gmail – email for work and personal.

iTunes/iPhoto – Managing music and pictures.

Quicken 2006 – Horrible for my business but it was free. It won’t print invoices, and doesn’t really have a way to track them. Good for personal finance.

Apple Remote Desktop – Absolutely necessary for managing multiple computers across multiple campuses.

NetRestore Helper – Create and deploy an image of a computer. My smallest image (full version of Mac OS X 10.3.9 with apps) is 750 mb’s. Yes, I’m proud of that!

Microsoft Office 2004 – Excel and Word mainly.

That’s about it. For a more complete list of the programs I have installed check out this post. Have a program to recommend? I’d love to hear it!