To be honest, I’ve had a clickbank account for about a year, but have done nothing with it. Every time I look through their eBooks, I leave because the amount of spamish copywriting is overwhelming. Then I read a post like this one from

Stuart says, “I signed up for a brand new account & decided to see how much money I could make within a month with just Articles, no ppc or paid advertising.”

And then…

Not a massive amount of earnings ($400 for the month) but not bad for about 10 hours in total work. Now If I was to do the same thing month in & month out I’d be growing the number of articles I have online, growing their inbound links using articles & other sources. Eventually I’d have over 240 articles within a year. These will make me money month after month, not just for the month I write them.

So I figured I would look into ClickBank again, but still the spam is overwhelming! This isn’t just the low gravity type of offers, but everywhere. They’re trying to sell the crappiest eBooks with some bad copywriting, then they want you (a reputable webmaster, right?) to resell their ridiculous book about how you can train a dog to do you dishes with 5 easy steps in under 2 days (or your money back).

But the again, if Stuart can make $400 in a month, I know I can as well. Maybe I’ll give it a shot, it would be a fun experiment, and the only con that I see is the time spent writing a few articles and submitting them.

What do you think? Is it possible to earn $400 in 30 days through Clickbank without spending a dime? Would you be interested in trying it with me?