Everett Sizemore made me want to blog a little more, so I thought I would give this to you.

If you’ve never used Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTurk), you’re missing out. MTurk lets you pay people for specific tasks. These tasks could be things like writing short articles, but anyone can write a short article. MTurk does let you do a few other things that can make you a lot of money. I’m still making money using MTurk so I can’t divulge ALL of my secrets, I can give you some tips and let you adopt them into your marketing plan.

1. Content Generation – Would 100 real reviews make your product review site stand out? I have paid about $.10 per review. Works great with a WordPress review plugin.
2. Legit Comments – Want to make your site appear well trafficked but get sick of posting comments to yourself?
3. Social Bookmarking – I’ve moved into more automated methods of social bookmarking, but if you’re still doing it yourself, this is a great way to outsource it cheaply.
The following are likely against the terms of service for at least one of the sites, so use at your own risk.
4. Digg Votes – Want to get a site to the front page? Would 100 votes from unique IP’s and unique Digg accounts help? Make sure you’re sending traffic to the page, not directly to Digg.
5. StumbleUpon – I hate SU traffic, it’s pretty much useless. They don’t buy anything, they don’t click ads so to me, they’re a waste of time. If you can monetize this traffic, use it the same way as you would Digg.
6. Arbitrage – DEFINITELY against the TOS…Pay $.25 per signup to a CPA offer that doesn’t require a CC. NeverBlue has some good email offers.

Keep in mind, these are only suggestions to help you think outside of the box. I personally don’t suggest that you violate the terms of use of any of the sites listed, including MTurk. MTurk is a little trigger happy to ban your account…Trust me on that.