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If you’ve never been to, there are millions of links to be had.  The only problem is that they’re mainly junk links which are only good for increasing link diversity, and not actually helping pages rank.  Increasing link diversity can help keep your competitors from stealing your links.  On second thought, these links are also good for helping a new site get indexed.  They can quicken the process and help Google find your site sooner.  For most sites, this happens pretty quickly, within a week at the most.

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What is Link Diversity?

Link Diversity definition: having different types of links pointing to your site.

This means that you will post some blog comments, build forum profiles, guest blog posts, etc.  Basically having as much variety in your link building strategy as possible.  This helps hide your links from competitors.  When you’re trying to get a number 1 ranking, the easiest thing to do is steal your competitors links.  That means you go to each site where they have a link, and try to get a link.  This is one strategy that is very common among professional link builders.  The exact strategies are different, but the principal is heavily used.

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Is the Sun Shining or is it a Rainy Day?

A “best case proposal” is often referred to as a sunshine proposal, and the opposite is called a rainy day proposal.  Most people will find themselves somewhere in the middle of the spectrum for their financial situation.  I tend to be conservative in my investments and the amount of money I feel comfortable having as liquid assets.  What about you?  Do you prefer to have your money in a risky investment that might yield greater returns, or do you prefer something safer?

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What Do You Need More Of?

When it comes to internet marketing and making money online, there is no shortage of “experts” as I mentioned in my guest post about Link Building in 2011.  With all of these self-proclaimed experts, who’ve never made any real money online, telling you what to do, how do you separate the fact from the fiction?

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