Here is a list of the RSS feeds I read daily:

ProBlogger Blog Tips

Darren Rowse gives great tips for increasing traffic. Most posts are specific and don’t focus on him. He is starting to ask more questions of his readers which I don’t care about…

Take More Risks

I like Matt’s goal setting and how much information about reaching those goals he gives. He will eventually be a pretty big player in the SEO arena if he can stay motivated.

Jim Boykin’s Internet Marketing Blog

Jim Boykin gives priceless tips and tricks that have earned me more money than I can measure. Even though he doesn’t post often, it is always a great feed to keep.

Earners Blog: Get in the Know

I am a late comer to the Earners Blog, but the archives are the most valuable asset to this blog. I can’t stop myself from having 10 windows open every time I visit the site. If you are looking for ideas to make money online, this is the place.

SEO BlackHat: Black Hat SEO Blog

I don’t do anything black hat, but this blog puts a different perspective on my marketing plans. It keeps it interesting.

Digg / Technology

I like Digg, what can I say?


This has become one of my favorite blogs. He always gives free downloads and resources for Adobe Illustrator. I have used many of the free downloads at various sites.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO Refugee Blog

SEO Refugee is a great site that deals with being Dugg, running a forum, and starting a new site from scratch and getting massive traffic.

Here’s a screenshot of my Google homepage:

RSS Feeds I read