I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but SEO degrees have been flooding the market. Unfortunately for the people attending these seo classes whether online or offline, they’re not learning nearly as much as they can through blogs and forums, and they’re paying too much money to get a piece of paper that anyone hiring should laugh at.

If someone applies for a SEO job and lists a degree as qualification, you should laugh and move on. Some people were born to sell cars, they don’t need degrees because their performance speaks for itself.

It’s the same for SEO (and especially SEM), your past performance is what should set you apart from the people who have wasted their time getting a search engine optimization degree. After all, isn’t SEO dead yet? Who really cares about on page SEO? Google surely doesn’t, neither does Digg or Delicious. Your Twitter followers don’t care if you’ve optimized your meta tags or what your keyword density is.

Quit living in the past, you don’t need a degree. This business is still the wild west, there are no rules you should follow, you should do whatever it takes to get your site ranked #1.

This week I’ll have a review of a unique directory I found online, don’t miss it. Yes, you read that right, a unique directory.