It’s time for my first ever contest. I don’t have much to offer except a free site review ($150 value) and the knowledge that Technorati thinks you’re blog is a great SEO Authority.

Here’s how this will work. Within the next week, make a post that links to my blog (homepage is best, but that’s up to you). I’ll check Technorati’s Authority page for this blog and whoever is listed above Jim Boykin’s wonderful post will get a free site review. This means we could have up to 10 winners!

No purchase necessary, anyone can enter. You will have to claim your winnings. I’ll try to email, but no guarantee I’ll be able to get a hold of anyone.  Currently there is one site ranking above Jim’s post, and if they want to claim a free site review, they’ll get it!

So get your entry in, and help me give out some free site reviews!