In the recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about supplemental results. Supplemental results occur when Google thinks that the pages in your site are all the same page (or too similar) to list them as their own entry.

This usually happens to archive pages where you’ll have the following identical pages:

Even those these pages are identical, they are listed under 3 (or more) URL’s.

This will almost always occur when you use a CMS (content management system, like Drupal) or blog software (like WordPress).

SEOBlackhat said, “a little less than a month ago we…2. Listed titles of every post with links every page.”

So they put like 100 recent posts in the sidebar of every page. I can do that.

As a result SEOBlackhat says, “Also of interest is that SEO black hat had gone supplemental after 182 results prior to the experiment. Today, SEO Black hat does not go supplemental until 554 results.”

So I can do that. I have a site that is currently supplemental after 8 results. #’s 9, 10 and beyond are all supplemental!


So taking SEOBlackhat’s theory that “Click Distance Matters”, I’m going to put 40 posts in a “Recent Posts” sidebar, and see if that helps. I’ll take a look every few days and report any news as a result.

If you want, you can track the results by searching Google for “”.

Day 1 Update: Now supplemental after 7 results. Not good so far.

Day 5 Update: Not supplemental until 12! Some progress is better than none. (Thanks Andy for noticing)

Day 10 Update: Supplemental after 6. Isn’t that number supposed to go up? I’m also changing the idea behind the site.

Day 29 Update: Supplemental after 29!  Moving on up.  Looks like the change to the site has helped.  Although unfortunately Google is indexing my menu bar before the post itself.