For a long time I have been using this method and I think it’s about time to divulge one of my favorite little secrets.  Keep in mind, this is one facet of a successful marketing plan, not an entire marketing plan.  Use this in conjunction with link building, using trackbacks for traffic, and even linkbait.

The goal of using Google Alerts to build links and increase traffic is to know where the Google bot has been, and follow behind it tracking your keywords.

I assume you have a Google account.  If you use Adsense, AdWords, Gmail or any other Google service, you have a Google account.  So head to the Google Alerts page.Google Alerts

Set up an alert for each of your keywords, but set the “type” to blogs.  Once a day is plenty.  Now, set up keyword alerts for other keywords you use.  If you’re selling widgets, you could use “buy widgets”, “widgets for sale”, etc.

You can use parenthesis for keywords like you do with Google search.

Every day you will get an email from every site that Google has spidered that has your keywords.  Click the links, post a comment and move on.  Works in conjunction with Drive By Linking.

I have about 15 alerts set up for various niche’s that I participate in.  Every morning I will post about 10-30 comments on blogs that I’ve never seen before.  Depending on the size of the niche I usually see about 25 uniques for each niche.  This compounds each day.  For example, day one you get 25 uniques, day two you’ll see 30, day 3 you get 40, etc.

While it may not revolutionize the way you build links, it certainly helps to know where the blog action is!