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Want a Free .edu Link? How about 64,200?

I know, you’ve been up all night waiting for this post right? Ok fine, regardless of whether you anticipated getting free .edu links, you should have been!

Without further ado, here is a simple Google search that results with 64,200 pages of potential links for a huge .edu domain, Harvard University.

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p.s. Here is another great search to turn up some .edu links. Oh ya, if you like this post, link to it as well!

p.s.s I forgot, this is also a great search for free .edu links.

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  1. Do you leave a link to your site in your comment field? Do you think this is a good idea or just have your link in the Website field? Great blog BTW, this is my first time reading it.

  2. nomadicalloy says:

    great traffic tips.

  3. WebThisWay says:

    Dude! You rock. I posted 50 comments tonight for 5 of my sites. I look forward to seeing how many stick.

  4. Eric Stoller says:

    Are you excluding sites that use “no follow”?

  5. John W says:

    Great resource! I wonder how much link juice you would actually get from these, I guess it’s time to test and find out.

  6. Niamaat says:

    An EXCELLENT idea!

    It’s amazing. Those blogs cover all sorts of topics. So I’m using it to target blogs that are somehow relavent to the topic of one of my sites.

    Great idea…Now when my post is NOT deleted it means that domain (that huge blah is linked in to me. Wow, that’s beautiful. Great idea.

    $100k? Yeah, if I had money to “make money” on internet I’d get a plan and then a team of half a dozen people, who had a financial stake in the results, to help me work the plan. This is soo time consuming!

    I like this site. A LOT.


  7. I could develop some of your tips about this:

    Use query “post a comment” -“you must be logged in” -“comments closed”
    in Page Rank Search tool (set order by PR) and you will have something like this

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  8. GG says:

    I think if the link stays, over time hopefully PR will build up on that page, making the link even better. I am wondering about the no follow tags though.

  9. Aniela says:

    Good find. But I’m pretty sure these links have the nofollow tag attached to them..

  10. All WP blogs have nofollow so commenting is pretty useless if you’re just looking for a link back.

    Even this blog has nofollow tags! Practice what you preach Brandon.

  11. Brandon says:

    Cormac, I didn’t say anything about nofollow. I don’t really mind nofollow since I don’t think search engines actually follow that directive. Why would they allow you to have outgoing links that you can essentially hide from them?

  12. [...] of those were found using this method and applying a few more [...]

  13. Adam Dempsey says:

    Cheers for the tip :) I’ve got a few .edu links back to my portfolio site now, hopefully that will get me back into the number 1 spot :P recently slipped back to 2nd.

  14. Sell Links says:

    Great Tips .. I was able to get 15 .edu links from using this search method with some minor tweeks!

  15. nddb says:

    Yea, I would definitely look for relevant blogs to comment on. Plus, watch out for the nofollows. Google does obey that, a nofollow’ed link will do nothing for rank, not even from a .edu. (Which probably isn’t special anyway, unless it has high PR.)

  16. Lim CS says:

    Thought you guys would be interested on my no “nofollow”, free .edu link list:

  17. although some blogs are using nofollow attribute, but still it is worth to comment it because yahoo and MSN seems not very care about nofollow attribute

  18. this is a good idea – i just saw someone had turned this into a $7 secrets book – saying the same thing – but obviously outside of just harvard.

  19. [...] Hopkins posted about his 64,200 .edu links secret. Ok, it’s not really any secret. It’s simply a Google search for blogs (and their [...]

  20. Iphone Deals says:

    Nice post Brandon. Ive been searching for edu links for a while but could not come up with any worth while (guest books lol) ill give this method a try

  21. Money Maker says:

    Some excellent ideas and advice. Thanks for sharing!

  22. pegatinas says:

    SWEET!! You just saved me $7 for an ebook. Thanks!

  23. pegatinas says:

    I don’t mean to spam your comment book but I just gotta thank you again!! By the way, I haven’t been leaving quick messages in these edu blogs. I participate and add to the conversation.

    Thanks tons Brandon and I don’t even know how I found your site but I’ll be back. You ROCK!!!

  24. Dave says:

    Now this is a very handy idea! Maybe not quite what I’m looking for but with a few tweaks it works very well!

    To get more than just that university try this in Google:

    inurl:blogs inurl:edu

    If you put your site keywords afterwards then you can get your links more relevant to your site.

    Thanks again Brandon… Think it’s bookmarking time!

  25. SEO India says:

    Great idea Brandon. It’s very helpful for me. Thanks a lot.

  26. Toni says:

    woow, thanks for the great list. ive been trying some different codes but it didnt showed up much results as this one did!

  27. Chandra Dev says:

    Really great ideas. I can try at least half of them. Thank you very much.

  28. David says:

    i was searching on the net for some edu links or guides and got to your site. Your information is very usefull. I also had some older codes but got some bad results.With your codes i got about 32.000 links which is more than enough for me. thanks for your help!

  29. MSN hacken says:

    Thanks man for sharing this incredible list of free follow links. I need them to promote some of my websites and I only can thank you for your efforts you did to make this list of free follow .edu-links.

  30. Thanks for the great links. Im trying my best to try and find some great backlinks. Thanks again!

  31. Excell says:

    Thanks for your great tips…

  32. Monica says:

    I have a question – are’nt these links expensive to get? I had checked out some articles here and some other resources. There are some very good resources mentioned there. But I still think .edu links are expensive, prohibitively expensive for ordinary folks like me!

  33. Bob McClain says:

    Thanks, Brandon. I’ve copied a dozen of your posts and pasted them in Word docs. NO, I’m not stealing them to post on my site but I’m putting together a marketing plan for WordsmithBob and also for the niche sites my wife is creating.

    By the way, she;s using some sort of template site creator for niche sites that aggregate product listings on Ebay and somehow she’s supposed to be getting money when people click through. However, she’s had her first site for 2 months and hasn’t gotten a single visitor.

    Are you familiar with these Ebay aggregator sites and have you heard of anyone having any success with them?

    Thanks again for the great posts.

  34. Thanks so much for the great search terms…Great help….all the best!

  35. If this works, I’m going to be elated. Thanks for the tip!

  36. I’m not bothered about PR, I’m bothered with Google Serps. Back to the nofollow problem, is it still worth blog posting?

  37. Thanks wonderful tip. I use the fast blog finder software to find links. This is a better way to get links but the approval would be hard

  38. no name since this is nofollow says:

    Those edu links are all nofollow so what good will that do ?

  39. Brandon says:

    Depends on if you believe that search engines really follow the nofollow rule. Which I don’t believe they do. Nofollow or Dofollow, a link is still a link in my book.

  40. Hey thanks for sharing this with us buddy, any new avenues for developing backlinks is always a big help. In my book I’m still not sure whether google gives more priority to .edu links or not, but I’m willing to be convinced. Really appreciate all the hard work that you put into your blog, including the layout and quality of the posts by the way.

  41. Engagers says:

    Google Blog Search does the trick aswell. Should anyone have found a blog post with anyone claiming to have tested the effects of no-follow versus “do-follow” links, please comment with a link to the post. Gracias fellow SEO’s!


  42. bilgisayar says:

    Those edu links are all nofollow so what good will that do ?

  43. Brandon says:

    @bilgisayar – nofollow is a joke. Start reading some of the bigger bloggers, many of them have done tests.

  44. Garage Sale says:

    you really believe that no-follow has zero relevance? According to spyglass they give the link value 0.0 if not a tiny bit more.

  45. Pure genius Brandon. A lot of schools also give students free web space. After graduating, I actually asked a bunch of friends that are still in school to link to me from their web spaces. And they’re not nofollows either!

  46. mav1 says:

    Thank you for this seo tips! And specially for your post about 29 links (blogs) for starting seo!!!

  47. driverfor says:

    Thanks for your share and I have subscribe to your RSS feed! coz I need more ideas for free links,

  48. Koi Carp says:

    Great tips and advice on locating .edu sites this is the best SEO set of tips I have found on the web and I have been looking hard! Good work man!

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