As we talked about last week, What Would You Do With $100k to Invest Online?

I have been thinking about it, and this would be my idea:

1. Transfer the money to ING Direct. ~5% = $1,000

2. Start shopping for a website in the $50k range that is already established and making $5-6k a month.

3. Buy site and start developing additional features within the site. Spend $10-20k on development.

4. Start marketing the new features of the site with Adwords, link buys, and buzz (social media) marketing.

5. Sell site for $150k in 6-12 months when revenue justifies price.

6. Repeat all steps.

My other ideas include:

1. Buy an old site in a market I can monetize.

2. Hire a link builder. $20,000

3. Hire a linkbait writer.$5-10,000

4. Hire 5 content writers. $10,000

5. Hire article submitter. $1,000

6. Spend $69,000 on arbitrage reinvesting the earnings into #2-5

I think that way would be more fun, but not necessarily as profitable. Any investors want to give it a shot and see if we can get you a 25% return on your money in 6 months?

What would you do with $100,000 to invest online within 3 months?