I recently received a question from a long time commenter.

I have noticed that you’ve been getting more involved in reputation management. How would I start a career in reputation management?

That’s a good question and one that I definitely feel qualified to answer since I recently (in the last couple of years) have been transitioning to a full time reputation management business.

There are two ways to get into reputation management as a career.

1. Create your own business.
Creating your own business has both pros and cons. The benefits are that you control everything and get all of the revenue. The cons are you are also responsible for finding all of your clients, managing payroll, advertising, accounting, etc.

2. Work for someone else.
There are many reputation management companies looking to hire sales people with experience. If you can get some experience and have sales experience there are a lot of companies that would be interested in hiring you. Most reputation management companies pay a base wage per hour and a percentage of the sales that you bring in. The last company who offered me a position was paying $11 per hour plus 1% of all gross sales. That gives you an idea of what type of rates you can expect working for someone else.

Having experience in other types of sales, online reputation management is one of the most fun!

Good luck getting started! Reputation management is a fun and growing field!