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SEO Authority Contest – Free Entry!

It’s time for my first ever contest. I don’t have much to offer except a free site review ($150 value) and the knowledge that Technorati thinks you’re blog is a great SEO Authority.

Here’s how this will work. Within the next week, make a post that links to my blog (homepage is best, but that’s up to you). I’ll check Technorati’s Authority page for this blog and whoever is listed above Jim Boykin’s wonderful post will get a free site review. This means we could have up to 10 winners!

No purchase necessary, anyone can enter. You will have to claim your winnings. I’ll try to email, but no guarantee I’ll be able to get a hold of anyone.  Currently there is one site ranking above Jim’s post, and if they want to claim a free site review, they’ll get it!

So get your entry in, and help me give out some free site reviews!

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Honeymoon to Florida

Thought I would post about my honeymoon to Florida. It was over 3 years ago but…as they say…better late than never.

We first flew from California through St. Louis to Orlando. Took a shuttle to Cocoa Beach and stayed on the water for about 3 days. Cocoa Beach, Florida was very relaxing, reminded me of Avila Beach. There wasn’t much to do since neither of us (my wife and I) were 25 so we couldn’t rent a car.

We decided one day that we would walk to where most of the shopping was about 1 mile away. As we were getting close, my wife got a blister on her foot from her sandals. We slowed down and finished the walk after a short break. When we got to the shops she bought sandals that she thought might be easier on her feet and we started the walk back after shopping for an hour.

About 5 minutes into the walk her feet were hurting too much so we flagged down a taxi and rode ($25 taxi ride) a mile and half back to our hotel.

The beach was awesome and the hotel was beautiful. We were there in February but the weather was perfect.

We went back to Orlando, went to Disneyworld then headed back to California.

We plan to go back for an anniversary one day.

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The Wise Men of Chelm

Major Objective
: In the beginning of the scene Rebbe Pinchas is trying to do what is “right� by burying Gimpel, since Gimpel believes that he is dead, and has convinced Rebbe Pinchas of this as well. I think that it is important to note that due to the part of the play that we chose to do, we never got to the major objective which is to find the stranger to get back the towns valuables. Although this play has a definite plot, it is a comedy and I believe that the character of Rebbe Pinchas, although an important role, is mostly there to aid in the comedy. That said, in the second scene, when I take on the part of the stranger, I believe that his objective is simply to become wealthy, and take advantage of the people of Chelm. In the third scene, when I play Rebbe Pinchas again, I believe his objective was to convince the stranger to sell his cow. And in the last scene, I believe Rebbe Pinchas’s goal was to relay the news that the cow doesn’t give gold, and then to find some way to get back their valuables. But like I said, I very rarely felt as though Rebbe Pinchas was the person who provided the conflict throughout the scenes, I often felt like the character of Rebbe Pinchas was created by the author simply for comedic purposes.

What stands in the way: I believe that what stands in the way of Rebbe Pinchas fulfilling his objectives is the fact that he is a fool. Although Rebbe Pinchas would like to consider himself wise, he simply cannot because he is often proved wrong by others throughout the play. I think Rebbe Pinchas’ major objective is to be a wise man, but his foolishness stands in the way.

Physical and Emotional Traits
: Rebbe Pinchas is very physical. He moves his hands and body frequently throughout each scene. He makes funny faces, especially when he is offended by something. Rebbe Pinchas always tries to continue looking “wise� at all times. I like to think that Rebbe Pinchas and Rebbe Mottel have a sort of competition going on. I think that Rebbe Pinchas enjoys telling Rebbe Mottel that he is doing things wrong. Above all else, Rebbe Pinchas likes to have others compliment him. Rebbe Pinchas is angered easily, especially when he is challenged by others. Rebbe Pinchas is very hot blooded, and his temper is wild, but overall he is a kind man, especially towards Gimpel. I believe Rebbe Pinchas looks as Gimpel as sort of a Protégé. Pinchas is often frustrated by others easily, especially because he always thinks he is right, even if logic says otherwise.

: Pinchas has a different sort of relationship with Rebbe Mottel. He and Mottel get along as long as they are in complete agreement, although that occurs very infrequently. They are constantly arguing or debating about something. When they are in an argument it seems as though both sides find their argument perfectly logical, and see no sense in the other point of view. It takes one side to be proven wrong before someone will back down. They are good friends, but they often don’t see eye to eye. Like I previously stated, I believe Pinchas and Gimpel have different relationship. I believe that Gimpel looks up to Pinchas, and Pinchas appreciates that. I think that Pinchas enjoys that attention and admiration from Gimpel.

Evaluation of the group’s process
: I am not exactly sure what we are suppose to answer to here, but I will simply say that although I often was frustrated because I felt like not everyone (including myself at one time or another) was not pulling their weight, I did enjoy this process. I feel like I learned a lot through this experience. I had a chance to act, which was fun. But I also had a chance to work in other areas of theatre, because at various times I think everyone did everyone else’s job too. I really liked this project.

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A & P by John Updike

The story I am responding to is A & P by John Updike. I really liked the story, I thought that it was a good example of a young man coming of age and challenging his authority figures even to the point of self sacrifice. In the story the manager of the A & P supermarket talks to some girls about dressing inappropriately in his store. This causes the main character, Sammy, to question his boss’s authority and his decision to embarrass the girls. This is how Sammy comes of age in the story. He decides to quit his job even though it will upset his parents. He decides to leave the store because he realizes that he cannot continue to work for a boss that he doesn’t respect.

I like how in the end of the story the main character realizes that due to his decision the world is going to be a much harsher place for him. He realized that doing what you feel is right will sometimes cause you to sacrifice things that make your life easy. The main character, Sammy, decides to do what he feels is right, rather than doing what is easy.

In the story there is a big difference between the main character and the customers in the A & P. The customers in the store advert their eyes as the girls in their bikinis pass. They all just stand and listen as the boss embarrasses the girls. Some of them probably agreed with the manager of the store, and if they didn’t they certainly were unwilling to say so. Sammy however, completely disagreed with the actions of his employer and he was willing to sacrifice his comfort to challenge his boss. The patrons of the store were unwilling to come out of their comfort zones to confront the store manager. I think this may have been a reason why Sammy felt compelled to say something to his boss, nobody was willing to challenge the bosses authority, besides him. Maybe when Sammy was challenging his boss, he was also challenging the customers is the store. Maybe this was Sammy’s way of challenging all of society.

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