Monitoring a network has never been easier than it is today, primarily because of the creation of more and more tools. These tools allow network administrators to optimize LANs and WANs, fix issues, detect problems, etc. Now, these tools can make you some money.

This small niche has a high payout and a lot of long-tail keywords. If you like writing reviews, this is the niche for you. Many of the keywords are product focused but could still be written without a review format. Since this is a technological field, you also have a chance of hitting it big and getting on the Digg front page.

Here are the vitals for “Network Monitoring Tool”

Keywords: Network Monitoring Tool
Competition: 293,000
Price per click: Adwords: $10.69
Search Volume: Overture: 704/month

A few of the long tail keywords could be network management tool, network security tool, network diagnostic tool, network marketing tool, network monitor tool, admin network security system tool.

I don’t know of any affiliate programs for companies that sell network monitoring tools, so Adsense will be your top earner right now. You may find an affiliate, and you will probably be one of the only affiliates in the area.

I would suggest that this niche website be created apart from any other site and not as a subdomain. It is pretty specific and would benefit from it’s own branding. Network administrators will hopefully bookmark your site and pass it around to other network and IT administrators.

Let me know what domains you buy and I’ll give you your first link here in this thread!