Here is my personal list of places that I go when I start a new site to get free links. These 29 links always get the ball rolling and help natural links come in.


Blogs have become some of my favorite places to get free links. All you have to do is register a blog and post a short article relevant to your site and then post your link. Below you’ll find 24 free blogs in which you can link to your site.

Make sure that you interlink these blogs somewhat so that they all get found by the bots.

Create a free account, write an article and post a link embedded in the text back to your site.

Create a free blog, write a short post and link back to your site.

Create a free blog and write 3 posts, one linking to your Squidoo lens, one linking to your blog and one linking back to your main site.

Mindsay offers free blogs and wikis. Like the others, create a free blog and post a link back to your website. Also link this blog to your Squidoo lens.

Another free blog site. Link your post to one of your other free blogs and your site.

6. BraveNet Blog
Bravenet has been around a LONG time. Like the others, post then link.

3Steps is new but also free…make sure to continue interlinking these blogs so they all get found and indexed.

8. The Right Blogger
Site seems to be down right now…can’t create new blogs. Check back later.

9. BootsnAll TravelBlogs
You must first be approved as a member, then apply for a blog. Might not be worth the effort. Blog posts must be travel related. Hopefully your niche is travel related as well.

10. iUpload Blog
Another free blog…

11. TravelPod Blog
Travel related free blog site.

12. Bloggates
Free blog, slow site. Many good subdomains are still available.

13. Livejournal
Old, established, easy to use.

Sites don’t seem to index well, but allows a lot of outgoing links.

Does Xanga allow outgoing links? Couldn’t figure it out.

Allows outgoing links, even had a spammer listed as an example blog in a category…

Soulcast gives free blogs and allows you to insert your Adsense ID and they’ll automatically publish Adsense code blocks.

MyDietBlogger offers health and diet blogs for free. Perfect for someone in a health related niche.

Free blog site touting their “No Ads” approach. I don’t know why they’ve chosen to not display ads, because not monetizing and not selling the site doesn’t seem like a good business model. I don’t think you have to by Australian to signup.

Good looking blogs, 1000+ template designs, outgoing links.

More free blogs…large site, established.

22. Tripod (remember them?)
Tripod, home to thousands of amateur webmasters has free blogs.

Free blog site, themes are all similar. Small user community.

24. Blogslive
One of my new favorites. Lots of themes available. Quick loading, outgoing links.

Comments on .edu Blogs

Personally I don’t think SE’s actually abide by the nofollow code. With that in mind I give you some of the best places to post comments.

The reason most of these are great places to comment is because they have PR or are popular posts.

25. PR6 – How the Cookie Crumbled: A Recap of the 2006 Creative Services Holiday Party
Most of the old pages are PR6. Comments are held for the moderator so make them legit.

26. PR4 – Blog comment spam with plagiarized text: hard to spot
Interesting discussion in 2006 relating to blog comment spam.

27. PR4 – Google bombs – Voice option and collective action

28. PR4 – Additional Comments Regarding Computers

29. PR3 – Blog is back to normal
First comment is moderated.

Most of those were found using this method and applying a few more keywords.

Hopefully those 29 locations will inspire you to find other places that will give you a free link!