I have an old site (old by my terms, not in years) that I haven’t done much with other the last year. I post to it sporadically, but when people are looking for Internet Business Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses, they don’t find my site. Before today, my site was about business marketing ideas, but that has been a tough market, the market is flooded with sites, and a lot of good sites as well. As of today though I’m sticking to what I know, and putting a spin on the entire site.

It will no longer be about generic business marketing, but will focus on online marketing for businesses especially small businesses. Hopefully this will revive this site, and make it into a formidable competitor.

By the way, this is the same site that is suffering from supplemental issues still. Yes, I still do have too many websites, and I’m trying to redefine my focus toward sites that I know I can do well with.  Also, sites that I can write easily for that play to my strengths, rather than sites I don’t know anything about.