Stop the Junk Links, Love Google

Today Google released an update to it’s algorithm that targeted junk links such as forum profiles and comment spam. Many people that sell services aimed at forum profiles and high pr comments are really fighting this, but the proof is there.  Check any major webmaster forum and you’ll see plenty of threads discussing the latest “Google Dance”.

A Google Dance usually refers to Google’s algorithmic changes which happen on a semi-regular frequency.  Basically, a lot of people see changes.  This one is a little different. There are more posts about lost rankings on the forums that delve into the darker arts such as xrumer, custom posters, scrapebox, and about 10 other “black hat” tools.

What can be done if I’ve lost rankings? If you’re serious, hire a link building service that can prove they still have rankings.  In fact, ask if your current link builder has seen an increase today.  No?  Maybe what they’re doing isn’t working well.

Here’s proof that I know what I’m doing.  Screenshots are taken today.