For many people, showing their skills in a SEO contest might be good for their ego, but beyond that, there isn’t much to be gained. There have been a few contests that offered a cash prize (usually less than $500), or a small prize like a TV. Are these prizes worth spending time on?

For me, these prizes aren’t worth the time and cost I would put into a SEO contest.  I pay my link builders well to get me results.  If they don’t get results, they don’t stay on my team very long.  As of today, I have 5 link builders that have been with my for over 3 years.  Others have come and gone, but most of them stick around.  I pay better than everyone else, and I expect them to build links just like I train them.  Basically, they’re very valuable to me.

If these prizes were comparable to what I could earn promoting my niche sites, or my client sites, I would drop everything and join a SEO contest.  Until that happens, I’m following the money, which is link building for my clients who demand results and my niche sites which make me a steady passive income every month.