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Win an iPod Shuffle just for linking!

Want to win an iPod shuffle from me? All you have to do is link to this blog and link to my sponsor. You must link to this post and any post from the sponsor you would like.The winner will be selected randomly August 1st, 2007. Watch the video above for more information. The sponsor is Here are a few linking examples.

I just found out that Brandon Hopkins is having a contest for an iPod shuffle. All you have to do is link to him and link to this site about free business cards and you’re entered. So now I’m entered.

Brandon Hopkins is giving away an iPod shuffle on August 1st. To enter just link to his post and to the sponsor site about free business cards and you can win.

If you want to win a free iPod shuffle, just link to this site and this site about business cards and you’re automatically entered.

The winner will be randomly chosen based on trackbacks to this post. If you enter the contest and your trackback doesn’t show up within a day or two, email me with your post url and that will enter you as well.

About Brandon Hopkins

I'm a professional link builder with a team of full time link builders and clients around the world. Contact me as soon as you're ready to rank #1. This post was written by .


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  3. Jessica says:

    Hey Brandon!! This is the coolest contest ever – love, love, love the youtube video to show it off! I’m surprised more people haven’t entered!! But really, that’s good for me right?? I want to win it sooo badly!! I’d love to surprise my hubby with an iPod shuffle! :)

    Here is a link to where I blogged about you, your contest and your sponser.
    Hope it’s cool that I used your video!!

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  6. Martin says:

    Hi Brandon, not trying to be inquisitive, but I’m curious if the means of your contest made you derank at google, just as Sameer A. suggested it would?

  7. Brandon says:

    Sorry Martin, I still rank and I don’t even know who Sameer A. is.

  8. Martin says:

    Sameer A. posted a comment to your article “Win an iPod Shuffle just for linking!” on August suggesting that google would ban you for making people link to you that way.
    I was just curious if it had a bad influence on your rank, becourse I was inspired by your contest to make simular initiatives, but hesitated doing so, after reading the article that Sameer linked to.
    In my opinion your ways are visionary and true genius, so I’m only glad you didn’t derank.
    Keep up the good work Brandon, you give your visitors lots of leading thoughts!
    I know it sounds like a load of B.S. but I haven’t seen simular sites on the Internet, handing new ideas and advices like yours do.

  9. Brandon says:

    Martin, thanks for the clarification. John Chow lost his ranking because he does a bunch of spammy recip linking. No deindexing for me yet.

  10. Brandon says:

    Will this blog work ?
    Does it have to be a wordpress blog ?

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  12. Guru says:

    Ya! this type of contests are really really sensational n i am dieing to get that shuffle from brandon-hopkins!

  13. Brandon says:

    You missed the contest by over a year!

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